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LNG, or liquefied natural gas, is natural gas that is cooled to -260° Fahrenheit until it becomes a liquid and then stored at essentially atmospheric pressure. Converting natural gas to LNG, a process that reduces its volume by about 600 times. LNG is a safe, clean and efficient energy being used throughout the world to reduce carbon dioxide emissions


Chinenvalve offer a full range of Cryogenic & Gas valves solution for the LNG chain including upstream gas reserves, liquefaction plants, LNG storage tanks, LNG carriers and regasification. Due to the severe working condition, the valves should be design with extension stem, bolted bonnet, fire safe, anti-static and blowout proof stem.


Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant

Main Liquid: Natural gas, LNG, Heavy hydrocarbon, Ethylene.

Temperature range: -165℃ ~ - 39℃

Liquid pressure: 4.2 Mpa


LNG terminal

Main Liquid: Natural gas, LNG

Temperature range: -165℃ ~ - 130℃

Liquid pressure: 10 Mpa


Main products:

Cryogenic valves

Low temper valves

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 Chinenvalve provide solutions for the mining industry will help improving environmental safety, working conditions of process pipelines, facility basis & valve service life, and reduce downtime caused by maintenance.


We can provide the metals and minerals industries with severe service metal-seated ball valves that withstand extreme processing environments. Our autoclave valves have success fully performed in slurry pipeline applications across the globe.


*Main Applications market:

Iron Mine Exploitation and Smelting

Aluminium Mine Exploitation and Processing

Nickel Mine Exploitation and Processing

Copper Mine Exploitation and Processing


*Main Involved Products:

Metal Seated Ball Valve

Conventional Cast Steel Gate Valve

Knife Gate Valve

Butterfly Valve

Mud Valve

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Chinenvalve can provide the complete valve solution in coal power generation, natural gas power generation, nuclear power and other renewable energy sources.


Chinenvalve company also provide efficient service and absolute shut-off in power industrial by solving issues—such as high temperatures, high-pressures, high cycling, thermal shock and abrasive media.


*Main Applications market:

Thermal Power Plant & Boiler Drainage System

Nuclear Power Plant

Natural Gas Power Plant

Hydro Power Station


*Main Involved Products:

Bypass and Check Valve

Pressure Seal Valve

Forged Steel Gate/Globe/Check Valve

Globe Valve for Power Plant

Nuclear Class II, III Valve

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