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Chinen Valve Technologies Ltd is a specialized and well respected developer and manufacturer of medium and high pressure ball, gate, globe and check valves, butterfly valves, tank bottom valves and fluid flow control devices. The expertise in valve engineering is used to offer a wide range of solutions for severe high-energy applications in power generation and petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining, cryogenic, and ship-building industries.

The best decisions are made by those who have the technical knowhow, recognize customer needs and understand customer processes. On this basis Chinen Valve Technologies aims to further develop and strengthen it’s position as respected supplier for engineered valve-products for severe applications.

If you’re a business searching for best quality industrial valve at market competitive prices, then do leave us your complete information with maximum order quantity. We assure you that you’ll experience best in quality products with high class services enclosed with the most competitive prices that you might not pull off with any other manufacturer in the market.

You are here: Home About us About us

About us

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Addes:  NO.317 Yinqiao Road, East Industrial Area, Shaoxin, Zhejiang Province, China

TEL: +86 571 87641908
skype: Chinentech